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Jobe Hover inflatable

Jobe Hover inflatable


Deflated size 104" x 76" / 264 x 193 cm
Full nylon cover / heavy duty PVC
Quick connector
4 EVA foamfilled webbing handles
Long flat webbing handle strip
2 air chambers
2 water drains and covered boston valves
Rider capacity: 2 persons
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Typhoon Drysuit ps220 extreme surface drysuit

Typhoon Drysuit ps220 extreme surface drysuit


WAS £599.00
NOW £499.00

There is only one X Large left in stock at this price

There are so many features on this drysuit:

Quad-Ply breathable fabric throughout
Cordura reinforcing on all high wear points
Hypercurve rear zip position for unrivalled comfort
BDM Brass zips as standard with over covers
Fully articulated arms legs and body for improved fit
3D Dry hood with spray protector
Double waist
MP3, mobile phone and VHF integration from the collar pocket
Revolutionary 'High-Vis' Glass bead wrist prints and SOLAS reflective hood tape for increased visibility
Built in whistle
Life Jacket compatible
Extra long lower leg covers to work with full height boots
Glide skin seals designed specifically for salt water use
4 Pockets and a hand warmer

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The Extreme Sports Specialist for wakeboards, skateboards and much more with FREE carriage to mainland UK on orders over £50.00.

Wakeboard Product Information

Flat Top Tech - a uniquely rolled edge for durability and a snappier more lively board to boot. Rolled Rail - takes more abuse from sliders and rails and it sits higher in the water for speed. Thinner Profile - less swing weight equals more control and speed. Flow Base - this base material not only flows better over the water, but is also much more durable than other bases currently on the market. Molded In Fins - help improve the boards grip in the water and provide and stability when landingo 1.0 Aluminum Fins - react quickly and provide a better overall edge hold. Slider base - added grind durability across sliders and kickers and anything else you want to hit. Sharp End Rails with a softer Midsection - hard edging cuts to the wake with a softer initial turn in and higher placement in the water. Quadra Glide Fin System - an innovation from the flow design, lock in and cut when you want to, release and glide when you need to. More forgiveness on landings, more control on edge than ever beforeoThinner and Wider Profile - A lighter more responsive ride with more surface area for improved control. Lifted Surf Rail - a softer profile for smooth spins, increased speed up the trough and the cleanest releases imagined.

Wakebord Binding Specs

The Liner: custom formed to fit the contours of your foot for the maximum in comfort, fit and finish. The Liner is what makes the boot the boot and keeps you where you want to be. Three levels and blends of foam help the liner conform to your foot like it is one with it. Tri-Density footbed: more support where you need it and less where you don't, this all makes for added comfort, more supportive and softer landings. All sculpted to the form of your foot: (Lidberg, Brigade, Vanity and Isis) Dual-Density footbed: more supportive and softer landings, all to keep you happy. (Titan, Riot, Junior and Pearl) One Piece Molded Plate: extra strong, lighter weight and with less heel and toe lift than the others. (Lidberg, Brigade, Vanity, Isis, Titan, Riot, Junior and Pearl) Endura Overlay Material: our unique blend of energy retention outers to keep your foot happy and snug in place. Linear Lock System: keeps your instep down for less movement while also maximizing energy transfer from your heel to the board. (Lidberg) The Locker: keeps your laces locked up at the side of your boots while riding, no more laces flapping in the wind. Dual Lacing: easier entry and exit make for maximum time on the water. (Lidberg, Brigade) Locatable Achilles Locks: custom locatable Achilles bars that you can place to the form of your foot for a true custom fit, after all not everyone's feet are the same.
Achilles Locks: help keep your ankle positioned properly in the back of the boot to ensure proper foot placement and support. (Titan, Riot, Pearl, Junior, Vanity and Isis)
Neoprene Toe: comfortable and easy in use. (Static Only)
Adjustability: perfect for sharing.
Floating Tongue: fully adjustable. (only on Gravity Boots)
Front Interlocking Lace: easy entry and exit.

The Internets Online Extreme Sports Specialist With FREE Carriage To Mainland UK on orders over £50.00.

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