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Jobe Hover inflatable

Jobe Hover inflatable


Deflated size 104" x 76" / 264 x 193 cm
Full nylon cover / heavy duty PVC
Quick connector
4 EVA foamfilled webbing handles
Long flat webbing handle strip
2 air chambers
2 water drains and covered boston valves
Rider capacity: 2 persons
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Typhoon Drysuit ps220 extreme surface drysuit

Typhoon Drysuit ps220 extreme surface drysuit


WAS £599.00
NOW £499.00

There is only one X Large left in stock at this price

There are so many features on this drysuit:

Quad-Ply breathable fabric throughout
Cordura reinforcing on all high wear points
Hypercurve rear zip position for unrivalled comfort
BDM Brass zips as standard with over covers
Fully articulated arms legs and body for improved fit
3D Dry hood with spray protector
Double waist
MP3, mobile phone and VHF integration from the collar pocket
Revolutionary 'High-Vis' Glass bead wrist prints and SOLAS reflective hood tape for increased visibility
Built in whistle
Life Jacket compatible
Extra long lower leg covers to work with full height boots
Glide skin seals designed specifically for salt water use
4 Pockets and a hand warmer

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D1 Drysuit by Waterproof

D1 Drysuit by Waterproof

Ref: WP671122-7

Price: 1,899.00 (Including VAT at 20%)


Due to the cost of this product it is possible to arragne an appointment with the distributor to try one on at there warehouse. Please email us for more details at with the subject D1 Drysuit

THE CHALLENGE for the D1 Drysuit
Does the "Perfect Drysuit" exist?
Waterproof spent three years analyzing the problem,
material sourcing and intense testing to find the answer
to the perfect drysuit, the patented D1 Hybrid. The D1 is
the world's first Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit.
Insulation. It is all a matter of distance and to keep the
insulating air between you and the cold water. The
Patented 3-D Mesh Liner works like a thermos. It
creates a Constant Insulation Volume, C.I.V., enhancing
warmth dramatically.
Ventilation. The Patented 3-D Mesh Inner Lining
provides unrestricted airflow and does not trap air. It
makes buoyancy control easy to master and controls
the inner climate. After a dive it dries quickly and
Condensation. The 3-D Mesh Inner Lining acts as a
one-way vapor barrier, it keeps the moist air away
from your body. As a result, you will feel dry and
warm. The 3-D Mesh Lining does not absorb any
liquid and will stay dry.
Pressure Distribution. The 3-D Mesh provides real
pressure distribution and keeps the distance
constant to the outer shell. This virtually eliminates
squeeze and cold spots.
Fixed Lining. The 3-D Lining is fixed to the suit. This
design allows for a slimmer fitting suit. No obstacles
when donning. No overheating on land. It can be
removed for cleaning or maintenance easily.
Dress code - light. There is no need for heavy undergarments,
even in the coldest water since the insulation
is built into the HYBRID D1 suit.

D1 Revolutionary is an understatement.

3-D Mesh Inner Lining
o Provides a constant distance to the outer shell
o Resists pressure and squeeze
o Has a soft cushioning effect
o High shock absorption
o Excellent recovery
o Very low weight
o Fantastic forming and contour flow
o Provides unrestricted airflow

WP Silicone Wrist Seals & Neck Seal

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Online Catalogue | Scuba Diving |  Diving Drysuits, Semi Drysuits & Wetsuits

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